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We offer real estate
agencies a tool

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to easily collect

purchase offers

in their own 

private space

Offer templates

We have selected for each country the most suitable purchase offer model, based on the experience of the office LEGISCONSULT.


Discreet or visible purchase offers, limited in time or not, with minimum acceptance criteria,
YOU decide.


No commitment or commission on the sale price. We offer various advantageous formulas, including a fixed price per property.

A service designed with & for real estate agencies

Listening to real estate agents, here is a tailor-made solution

1. Creation

You define campaign parameters and the type of offer accepted according to your needs

2. Campaign

You receive the purchase offers validated by all the bidders and with all the annexes in pdf format

3. Selection

The owner makes his decision easily on the basis of all the elements of the offers received

In complete discretion

Your campaigns are private and only visible to people you choose.

You invite the candidates of your choice to participate in your call for tenders campaign either:

Simple campaign principles


You can define for each campaign if the purchase offers received are visible to all your guests, or if they remain secret.

You can also decide the level of detail to display:

– number of participants
– number of offers received
– offer and guarantee amounts
– suspension clause


Not all properties are the same, so you determine the campaign length.

You can define an unlimited campaign in order to permanently digitize all the purchase offers according to your criteria.

Otherwise, for a property in high demand, you can organize your visits during the week and define a campaign limited to the weekend.

Other campaign settings

Your benefits as an agency

Enrich your services offered to owners

Thanks to your purchase offer platform, you propose your customers more assets to sell their property and you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Maximize the sale value of your properties

Your real estate campaigns will directly or indirectly put buyers in competition, allowing you to obtain the best offers for your real estate.

More leads and exclusive mandates

You reassure the owners by all the possibilities offered and that the fairest price can be obtained for their property. One more reason to work with you and entrust you with exclusivity.

The extras that make all the difference!

No account creation necessary

All the potential buyers you invite to your space can immediately prepare their offer according to your criteria, without having to create an account.

Quite simply.

Customize the purchase offer template

You benefit from our localized purchase offer templates.

However, each agency has its own habits and you can adapt the body of the purchase offer with your own textual content.

Additional documents with offers

You include your documents for completeness of the file, and the bidders will be able to add their own documents in order to reassure on their financial capacity.

Financing agreement, solvency certificate,…

Motivated purchase offers

Offerors have the option of attaching various documents to illustrate the seriousness of their approach.

They can also add a motivational comment to add a personal dimension to their offers.

A unique code to validate purchase offers

When a buyer completes his offer in accordance with your parameters, he then receives a unique code (OTP) by email to formally validate his offer.

An additional guarantee to validate your interlocutor(s).

Whether it is to win new mandates or optimize offers for your properties, we offer you a complete and flexible tool to boost your sales activities.

You keep control over the types of campaigns and make the most of the market for the benefit of the owners.

To each his own pricing

Make your choice among our different formulas


25 €/property

Unlimited campaigns

1 property


25 €/month

Unlimited campaigns

Unlimited properties


250 €/year

Unlimited campaigns

Unlimited properties

No commitment, you just end the current period

We answer your questions

No, e-offer.immo is a private purchase tender platform.

It is the seller who freely decides which purchase offer he wishes to accept, on the basis of all the elements provided: amounts, suspensive clauses and other details of the offer.

The services of e-offer.immo are intended for all real estate agents and professionals in the real estate sector.

All your campaigns are private. Each campaign has its own secret address (url), and all you have to do is communicate this address to the prospective buyers of your choice to allow them to take part in your campaigns.

You also have the possibility of filling in the e-mails of potential buyers in your interface to automatically send them an invitation to participate in your purchase offers campaign for a given property.

No it’s not necessary.
Anyone accessing your private space and/or invited by you can easily make an offer without having to create an account.

You can visit our demo site to get a concrete idea of the ‘buyer’ experience. You can make a fictitious offer there and receive the result on your email address.

There are 2 possible transmission modes, individually configurable for each campaign:

  1. automatic: each offer is immediately sent to the owner(s) and the agency is simultaneously informed of the transmission of the offer
  2. manual: each offer is subject to prior validation by the agency before being submitted to the owner(s)

When an offeror makes an offer, he can ask to be notified of any new offer that would be made for this good, provided that there is at least one visible information activated in the visibility parameters of the campaign. In this case he will receive an email with each new offer made.

No, each offer submitted is firm and cannot be canceled unilaterally.
An offer may however contain one (or more) suspensive clause which, when it applies, may in turn cancel the offer.

Yes of course.

There is an (optional) campaign setting that determines the number of bid(s) allowed per bidder.
But a new offer does not cancel the previous one(s), it is simply added to the existing offers.

You can change the settings of an active campaign at any time.

We offer the possibility of adding textual content to the purchase offer model that we use, individually for each property. All you have to do is enter the text you want to use in your campaign settings.

No, it is not mandatory.
By defining a start and an end, you can stimulate the call for purchase tenders according to a schedule that you have defined.
But a campaign can also be open indefinitely to permanently receive any purchase offer.

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